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Frequently Asked Questions

Will our level of certification or not having qualified for certification be made public?

The level of certification is communicated to each organization in a strictly confidential manner. Only platinum level-certified organizations are officially announced. For all others, Women in Governance only reveals that the organizations are certified. However, each organization can decide to reveal its bronze, silver or gold level of certification status. The names of organizations that do not qualify for certification are only disclosed if the organization agrees.

Why is the certification annual?

Women in Governance’s Parity Certification is a tool that enables organizations to evaluate where they stand regarding gender parity and allows them to measure their progress towards their goals and targets. Reassessment helps organizations maintain their certification level and/or progress to higher levels of Parity Certification.

How much time is necessary to fill in the questionnaire?

The time required to complete the questionnaire depends on each organization. It is faster when access to information is centralized and the required documents can be easily accessed. It generally takes between eight and 15 hours to complete. However, recertifying organizations need only update their responses, which substantially reduces the time required to complete the questionnaire.

How do we evaluate what is required to achieve the different level of certification?

Our innovative certification assesses three dimensions:

Strategy: Governance and Vision

To be certified on this dimension, an organization must demonstrate through its policies and practices that its strategic direction and key decision-making is inclusive of a progressively equitable representation of women to men. Furthermore, the organization must demonstrate its commitment to achieving parity by setting clear objectives towards it. Finally, the organization must also demonstrate its intention to sustain parity through policies and practices that are building a pipeline of female talent.

Action: Collective Enablers

To be certified on this dimension, a company must demonstrate that its policies, practices and actions are geared to facilitating progress towards equitable representation of women at all levels of the company, until parity is achieved and sustained.

Result: Equity

To be certified on this dimension, a company must demonstrate that the outcome of its strategy and actions in the area of gender equality and parity results in progression towards equity or parity in the ratio of women to men in the hierarchy of the company, in promotion and hiring and that women in the same hierarchy are on average earning a salary equitable to salaries made by men.

What are the advantages of certification?

On a purely practical level, this allows an organization to thoroughly audit its values, priorities, policies, programs and practices so that it can identify where it has opportunities for improvement and where it is on the right track.

Will the questionnaire change throughout the years?

New questions or themes may be incorporated into the existing questionnaire to highlight the current trends in the field of gender parity, thus allowing the assessment to remain robust, relevant and thorough.

Do you ensure the protection of provided information?

Yes, the company which hosts the questionnaire platform, Women in Governance’s Parity Certification committee members and consultants undertaking the task of evaluating organizations’ applications, all sign confidentiality agreements. Our Participant Agreement outlines the terms of use, including our commitment to preserving confidentiality.

After completing the certification, will Women in Governance offer advice about how our organization can progress to gender parity?

A customized report will be provided following the completion of your assessment including benchmarking and best practices. Women in Governance’s Enablement Services are also available to support your organization.

If we do not achieve a level of certification, why participate?

Completing the assessment gives an organization a diagnostic of its strengths and opportunities to achieve gender parity in the workplace, allowing them to create a customized roadmap to gender parity.

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